Girls can do stuff

Dang, y'all. I'm not kidding when I say we've spent every spare minute we have fixing up my husfriend's house to sell it. Just about every week night we've been drywalling, painting, cleaning, yard working, fixing wood, etc. Weekends too. I love when life is a workout, but girl I'm tired. And I miss running.

I love how handy my husfriend is, though. I mean, dayum. Yeah, you fix that AC/chimney/wood stuff. You go on witcho bad self. 

Fingers crossed it will all be over on Thursday and we'll have free time and fewer mortgages. What is that even like, I can't remember. When I'm overwhelmed I like to make pros and cons lists and then turn my cons into pros somehow because it forces me to look at the bright side.


1. I learned a lot. I know that you can cut sheet rock with a rasor blade and what poison ivy looks like. Also that I can survive being 8 rungs up a ladder when a wasp flies into my airspace. 

2. I refined my caulk skills. I prefer the dark caulk, but I can handle with the white caulk too.

3. My arms are definitely more swole. Probably from carrying an 80lb ladder all over the gat damn place. Or maybe my daily push-up party with my coworker. Probably both.

4. I think I have an awkward tan? Snaps for being a shade darker than translucent. 

5. My spawn has seen me do hard work. That's important. He's seen me lift heavy things and do work along with my husfriend with tools and dirt. Girls are strong in and out of the kitchen. Men too. Never mind when there are bugs around. We all have our limits.


1. We have spent so. much. time. working on a house I never even lived in. But I was promised a massage when it's all over, so I'm pretty stoked about cashing in on that. I wonder if he'll spring for a mani/pedi, too. And maybe some new shoes. And a motorcycle. Too much?

2. MONEY. It's not as expensive fixing things on your own as opposed to paying someone, but it still costs some doll hairs, especially when you don't have the right tool for the job. But we'll probably make this money back when it finally sells, right? It's an investment. Plus, now we have an air compressor. And a table saw. Yay.

3. We still have to organize our house from all the shiz we've brought over from his. But whatever, I love organizing. I can't wait to spend all the money he makes selling the house on new furniture to organize his stuff. #wife

4. We're behind on house stuff in general. Our pool has a beautiful green tint and laundry, vacuuming and general house cleaning hasn't happened in a minute. I can't remember the last time I had a solid grocery store trip where I bought all the healthy things like fresh fruits and vegetables. This is all very temporary and short term, though. Once the house sells and we're not busting our asses fixing it up, we'll be able to shift focus back to our house and meal planning. 

5. It hasn't sold yet. I won't breathe easy until the papers are signed. Fingers crossed and think happy thoughts, y'all.


  1. You never realize how much a house needs done till you go to sell it! My husband and I spent a solid week from morning to after midnight fixing up our house to sell. It will be worth it but it is so damn exhausting. I realize that I love to paint. I literally repainted most of our 3,000 sq ft home including baseboards. Fingers cross that his house sells soon!


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