364 days til we do it again

Y'all, my birthday yesterday was amazeballs. My husfriend went above and beyond, aka he got me bitchin' gifts and made me a cake, and covered for me so I could sneak outside and relax in the pool without the kids. 

He's a true saint. 


I'm oh-ficially in my 30s now and I ain't even mad. People were all, "Omg but when it happens you're gonna want to die," or all, "But like, seriously turning 30 is the worst thing." And I just don't feel that way. Honestly, I don't feel any kinda way about it. I feel the same today as I did last week and I'll probably feel the same tomorrow. Whatev, I'm WAY more awesome now than I was at 20. Or even 25. Shoot.

I had the teensiest of backyard parties to ring it in, because YOLO. Like 5 of my closest friends came over - my inner circle friends who DGAF what my house looks like or whether I wear make up - some with spouses and most with kids, to eat good food, drink Meg-aritas, swim (aka sit and watch the kids swim) and play Cards Against Humanity. Y'all, I have a shitload of kids in general, but my pool has NEVER had that many kids in it. It was pretty rad and super chill. (Like me, hair flip.)

My dad will probably always think she's my lesbian luvah.

We really celebrated all weekend, or I did. Well, that's not true. We cleaned alllllll day on Saturday in preparation for the party, but waking up in a clean house is SO WONDERFUL that it's a gift in and of itself. Walking into a clean room where everything is in it's place is borderline orgasmic. I LOVE CLEAN.

Because we cleaned all day, my husfriend didn't get a chance to make a cake on Saturday. Have no fear, my frand Angela (pictured above) saved the fackin' day with burger cupcakes.

I screenshat her snap.
It tells the person if you do that, FYI.
Just a PSA.

Do you even Snapchat, bro? I'm nerkymeg over thur. Hit it. No dick pics, tho. Thx.

Sunday, my actual birthday, I awoke to a clean house and the new Harry Potter book release. I mean, what more can a 30 year old woman ask for? My husfriend got me 6 HP wands as a gift (Harry, Voldemort, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore and Snape) and we're working on an idea to display them, in case you wondered exactly how geeked out about Harry Potter I am. 

So I went to get the book and read a little bit of it while my husfriend and stepdaughter baked me a cake. Mostly because she wanted to, I'm pretty sure he was over it by that point. He doesn't subscribe to the celebrate-all-week ideal that I do, but he is supportive and that's what counts. And hey, I'm glad she forced it, because the cake was perf.

I love it because it's awesome.
But really I love it because they made it.

So it's over now and it's back to business as usual! I ate basically every meal out last week, so starting the 21 day fix today will be quite a (much needed) change! If you want to join my challenge group, send me an email. This is my first for-real challenge group and my first time doin' 21DF, so we'll work together and keep each other accountable! We're gonna slay it, I can feel it in my old ass bones. 


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