Just when I thought...

the night was a total bust...

Okay. Fuh RULL, last night was a doozy. Like, fuck off, Thursday, with your stank-ass attitude and general shittiness. I ain't got time fo' dat. I mean, it probably wouldn't have been so lame if the rest of my week wasn't so hectic. We all have weeks like this, right? Work all day, have to be somewhere all night after work, family stuff comes up, kids get sick, work schedule is nuts, whatever. It happens. But as a special cherry on top of this particular week, I blew out two tires leaving work last night trying to hightail it to Meet the Teacher.

Okay, I might have hit the curb. But I wasn't even going fast and two tires seems excessively shitty, because I only have ONE spare. THANKS OBAMA. 

So shitabrick, y'all. I had to pick up my spawn and get to meet the teacher so I don't get judged by the assholes in the PTA. I pull over and start to get out my stuff to put my spare on, and as I'm doing so, a couple of guys roll up and ask if I need help. 

I mean, okay. I'm a strong, independent woman, but I'm not stupid. Yeah, I need help. I don't need to prove to anyone that I can change a tire, plus I got my Michael Kors shoes on gurrrrrl. So these non-serial-killer-lookin' gents help me out with the tire while I text my dad and husfriend to figure out how to get a new tire and make it to meet the teacher while avoiding direct eye contact with the drivers of the cars zooming past us, happily on their way home from their 9-5s. My dad comes to meet me to take my to the tire store while my husfriend heads to Meet the Teacher for me. Shout out to the men in my life, amiright?

Y'all, the tire store guy was like a male model past his prime who's now facing the harsh reality of life as a regular person. Aka super good looking, maybe a touch unprepared mentally. It took them forever and a day to get my tire, then we had to go back and change it out. By this time it's raining, COOL. Great day to wear a suede dress, fam.

ANYWAY, so long story still sorta long, my dad and I change the tire lightning fast. Like I'm talking Nascar tire pit fast, because rain, plus I still think I'm gonna make it to Meet the Teacher (nope) Then I head on my way, realizing now that I'm already late and definitely not going to make it. At this point I have to pee SO BAD, so I stop at my favorite white girl hang out, Starbucks.

And y'all. Do you know what I discovered?
YEP. Pumpkin Spice Latte y'alllllllllll

If it wasn't for my blown out tire fiasco, I wouldn't have had to stop to pee on the way to pick up my spawn, and therefore would not have had to go inside a drive-thru Starbucks, and therefore would not have seen this beautiful sign by the menu and therefore would not have had my very first PSL of the season as the cherry on top of a busy week.

My kid got to spend some extra quality time with his dad. My husfriend went to Meet the Teacher for me and my dad helped me get my tire sitch handled. And I got a PSL and didn't even ruin my shoes. You can shit all over my Thursday, but I will find a way to WIN.



  1. Okay first off, sorry 'bout your tires ... now ... I'm so glad you told this story! THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! I was in HS though and in my parents' car and I *may* have hit a curb and I popped TWO tires. What. the. hell. My dad was PISSED and still thinks my story of hitting a curb is a lie. I have no clue how I could pop two damn tires from one measly curb. But whatever. Now someone else has done it. (And I feel better.)

    1. That makes me feel better too! Because HOW IN THE WORLD.

  2. I once blew out two tires on my big ass farm truck from hitting a dip in the road too fast. The lady who lived there told me it happens all the time...however, I was the first girl to do it. Girl power??? Heh.

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