Well, is it?

Conversation last week in the kitchen, where I'm doing mom stuff (aka pouring some chocolate milk for the spawn) and my husfriend is opening a box from Amazon, because why bother going to a store when you can shop online, amiright:

Me: What did you get?

Him: A survival knife! (As he pulls out a big ass knife. He is very, very excited, as noted by the exclamation point.)

Me: ...why.

Him: We need a survival knife. (He has a thick Texas accent, so it sounds like "survahvuhl naff")

Me: ...why.

Him: For surviving. (Survahvin'.)

Me: ...... (stares at him)

Him: ......(stares at me)

Me: ......(stares at him)

Him: But is it sexy, though?

I guess we're set in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Or a sexy survival weapon competition. It's like a wet t-shirt contest, only more stabby. Side note, we might watch too much Naked and Afraid.


  1. Ha! I work at a breakfast place and someone had changed the channel on the TV and we didn't realize until near the end of the day that there was a marathon of naked and afraid on all day! And of course survival knives are sexy, especially when worn on the hip while doing laundry. ;)

    1. I bet business was booming that day! #allthenakedbutts

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