Y'all, I barely even like make up. Okay, I like it. But I don't wear a ton because I don't like how it looks/how long it takes/putting effort in when I don't have to/how expensive it is and so on.

So here's how I roll. I have BB cream that I use as "foundation". I don't even own real foundation. I mean, I own one. The foundation my house is built on. Also, I feel like my education is a solid foundation for my future, or so the brochure from my college said. So whatever, I slather BB cream on my face in a lazy effort to even out my skin tone and hide the zits I still gets as a grown-ass woman. THANKS OBAMA. Then, cheapo concealer if I have an angry zit. E.l.f. is like $3 at Target. That leaves you plenty left over to getchoself a latte while you shop. I like Physician's Formula powder to appear less shiny, then I hit some more of that e.l.f. brand for eye shadow, but I also like Physician's Formula for that too, and I like L'oreal Extendy Tubes mascara. That's probably not what it's actually called, but that's what I call it when I tell people about it. Then softlips chapstick and badabing, badaboom, my face is on. 

And that's where it used to end. Lipstick is WAY too high maintenance for me. I have 1 tube of red lipstick that I only wear out when we get fancy like once a year, and having to reapply it often and not leave kissy marks on my husfriend/spawn is for chumps. I mean, who wants to be constantly checking a mirror for wonky lipstick? NOT I.

So, okay. I know what you're thinking - UGH she's selling a thing. And no, mama don't have time fo' dat. I'm merely passing along helpful info, one busy mofo to another - you need to try LipSense. And if you do it now, you get a discount and free shipping. So if you've been on the fence, I'm here to be like YAH GURL TRY IT.

It can be as subtle or bold as you want it. Me? I prefer color without being too obvious. My fave is Apple Cider. Here's a before and after with nothing, aka how I used to roll, and then the right pic is Apple Cider.

Subtle, but makes a difference.
And I don't have to reapply it!
Just gloss if I feel like it!
It's so boss!

Y'all, it lasts through food and drinks. I don't get it. It's some kind of magic/science hybrid.

After eating and drinking with no reapplication.
Guys, there's still lipstick there.
I know. I can't believe it either.

So if you're on the fence, you might as well try it for some free shipping and discounts. I legit like this product, too. I'd never lie to you. You can see all of the colors here, or if you don't have Facebook, comment below and I'll get you in touch with my rep. Mention me so you get your discounts!

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