How ironic is it that I posted about not needing all this hullabaloo on Valentine's Day (honestly I just wanted to say "hullabaloo"), and then my husfriend surprises me with a real wedding ring? Not only that, but flowers and chocolate too. I literally got the Quintessential Valentine's Day Gift for Women (also the quintessential 'I'm sorry I boned my assistant, please don't take half of my shit' and 'today is our anniversary..?' gifts) - flowers, chocolate and diamonds. He was very excited to "win" Valentine's Day.

So okay. I recently half-assed the Advocare 24 day challenge. I mean what was I thinking trying to do that right after knee surgery? I wasn't. So I'm starting again just with the "cleanse" part because I'm in a better place now and generally I liked it, I just forgot to do it every day. Also I didn't eat any differently than my new normal, which used to be 80% clean back when I was running all the time, to maybe 50% clean over the past few months. So I need to get it together because I can't workout like I'm used to for a while.

I gotta get this dad bod under control, stat.

Here's the thing, I don't think it should be called a cleanse, because that sounds like I'm drinking hot lemon water and shitting all day. It's basically just an energy/fiber drink and clean eats for 10 days. 12 days? I can't remember. It's some days. I can slam dunk that all the way to Chinatown. (I don't know what that means.) And the fiber doesn't make my bathroom habits any different. I know you think fiber=hershey squirts, but not this stuff. It's not any different from normal, which is best described as a rainbow glitter shower of excellence. Pinky swear.

Long story short, I had a salad for lunch for the past two days, so I've basically won the whole thing already. *Checks for abs*

And now here's a picture of Garage Kitty's lavish new lifestyle for no good reason.

I tucked her in, y'all.
Because she was cold. Probably.

Recap for those who are confused: This cat was living in our garage for weeks. No tags and she was terrified of us. We named her Garage Kitty and gave her ample opportunity to move along, but then it got cold and I was like naw gurl, we're gonna be BFFs. So I coaxed her out of her hiding spot and over the next couple of weeks we slowly got her to come inside. And now she's a healthy-borderline-chubby weight. And she sleeps on my pillow like she owns the place. 

GUYS, I opened an Etsy shop! Take a look and favorite my shop - I have some totes adorbs printables and printed stuff. QUESTION: Do you prefer printed items that are shipped to you or a printable file you can download? I'll add new stuff weekly, if not more often!


  1. Both, but downloadable is convenient for this Room Mom that is always a day late lol.

  2. lol I love this post with all it's "rainbow glitter shower of excellence" talk - made my day! I have already "favourited" your etsy shop and love the new birthday additions. I like the printable option because I'm in Canada and shipping that crap is uber $$$. I always order my Xmas cards and kids birthday invitations on etsy and love getting the files emailed to me. If you do some Xmas card templates I will definitely be ordering from you - kids birthdays are already done for the year :)

    1. Nice! I will upload them starting in the Summer!


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