The time my husfriend forgot about Valentine's Day

It's only happened once. It was a Sunday* in 2016, I woke up first, as per usual, brewed coffee, as per usual on the weekends (weekdays are for Spark), and got his gift out. I set his Reese's heart - his favorite candy - in the new coffee mug I got him and I waited for the wafting coffee scents to wake him up.

Just a small token, ya know? Valentine's Day doesn't have to be this big show. I'd rather have random flowers on a Thursday than flowers once a year on the day everyone else gets them too. I definitely DO NOT need a big ass teddy bear/dog/gorilla/emoji, (I mean what do people even do with those on February 15th?), but I still want some kind of acknowledgement of the holiday. Something that says, "hey, I thought about this and took a little time to get you a thing to show you that you're pretty awesome, not just today, but every day (maybe not every day, but like 94% of the days)".

I always do gifties for the kids too. Just a small $1 box of chocolates and a small toy. Nothing too crazy, but still a little something. SIDE NOTE: I'm totally gonna be the mom that sends care packages for every holiday when the kids are in college. I can't wait. I totally dig this mom gig when the kids aren't being assholes. (62% of the time, depending on what's for dinner) /end side note

So anyway, he woke up, saw his gift, and immediately said he didn't get me anything AS IF IT WAS NO BIG DEAL. Okay, I'm sure he felt a little bad because I SLAVED over the coffee pot to brew his coffee to pour in his SHINY NEW cup, meanwhile I had to drink coffee from an OLD LAME cup. No no, you eat your Reese's. My tears of disappointment and loneliness are sweet enough thankyouverymuch.

Okay, but seriously. I wasn't mad about not receiving a gift. I was mad that he didn't take the time to acknowledge that I was his valentine. I know a lot of people don't do anything for Valentine's Day, and that's totally cool. I don't need or want to go out and eat from an overpriced prix-fixe menu in the midst of people giving each other sexy eyes in their same-side-sitting booths. Gross. I just want to know you thought about how lucky you are to have an awesome motherfucker like me to share a bed with. That's all.

Moral of the story? Acknowledge the holiday. It can cost as little or as much as you want, really. It doesn't have to be a big deal, just let him/her know you're thinking of him/her. When in doubt, bring junior mints. 

*too lazy to fact check this, but I'm 89% sure


  1. Agreed! All I want this year for V-Day is a Reese's shaped heart because they taste better in a shape than in a cup. The end.

    1. They honestly do. It's a fact of the universe.


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