Are y'all fans of The Walking Dead? I don't talk much about it because I don't want to be that asshole that spoils it before you get to it on your DVR. We watch it every Sunday night, along with Talking Dead. That and Shark Tank are our jam because, 'Merica. Or whatever.

MEEghan. Get it? Ha.

So last Tuesday was my husfriend's birthday and I wanted to take him out to eat, so naturally I chose a restaurant over 700 miles away in Senoia, GA because I like to keep things interesting. I managed to keep the whole trip a super top secret super surprise until I was pissed at him for something so I told him we were flying to Atlanta out of spite. (What a girl.) Even so, he didn't know why I was forcing him to take a day off work to go to Atlanta. I mean, Georgia is great. Peaches taste good. But is it a sought after destination? Maaaaaaybe not so much. So we land in hotlanta, which was actually coldAFlanta while we were there, at like 10pm Saturday night, because I wanted to make sure we could still do our Saturday stuff with the kids - karate and soccer games.

I'm totally nailing this so far, right?

So we land, and I make him drive the rental car so I can navigate. He asks if I researched the sketchy part of town so that we aren't staying there, and I was like wellllll we're not actually staying in Atlanta. Drive on, cowboy. So he drives and I navigate. Fact: The trees are really tall in Georgia.

Fast forward 45 minutes and we arrive in Senoia, pronounced Seh-noy by the locals. We "check-in" with our disgruntled bed and breakfast host who is a New Yorker from LA transplanted to small town, USA in his retirement. He's a character, but I don't think he loved us. So we pass a big-ass sign that says "Welcome to Senoia", and at this point I'm SURE my husfriend knows what I've done. I ask him if he knows where we are, he says "I dunno, it started with an S". Facepalm. Okay. 

Guys, this is the smallest town ever. There's a main street that can't be more than a quarter mile long, a McDonald's/gas station just off the highway aaaaaaaand that's kinda it. So we go back out after meeting our Grumpy Old Man host, and I take him to Main Street, where there is another big ass sign that said SENOIA. So I point it out. And he's like....k? 

You're killin' me, smalls.

So then I'm like, okay. You know that I wanted to take you out to eat for your birthday. So I picked a restaurant in this town. And he's like, okay then let's just go to the restaurant tomorrow. I can't let that happen, y'all, because I know the surprise will be ruined by our B&B host in the morning at breakfast, so I keep going. I'm like well, no. I wanted to take you to *that* restaurant (I point at Nic & Norman's). And he's like...k...? In his defense, it was hard to read the sign at night.

So I go on "...And I chose this restaurant because it's owned by Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus" (Executive Producer/Director and Actor in the show, if you are unfamiliar). So now I FINALLY pique his interest and he's a lil' more perky about it. I get a sorta smile out of him, "Okaaay...?" So I go on, "...and this is where they film the bulk of the show. Like we are literally in Woodbury right now. And tomorrow (Sunday), we're going to a watch party at THAT restaurant."

And this is why I win birthdays.

So now he's finally stoked and we go back to ye ol' bed and breakfast, which I chose partly because it's one of the only places to stay there and partly because I wanted to drink alllll the alcohol (which we did) and not drive back. Safety first, I always say.

The bed and breakfast was a quaint historic home run by the man and his wife, who cooked breakfast then went to run her store on Main Street. It was across the street from Alexandria, which I 100% thought was on a studio lot, but NOPE. It's just off Main Street right in the heart of Senoia - and get this - people live there. They are apparently rewarded handsomely for it, considering their fancypants neighborhood is surrounded by an ugly corrugated tin wall and they have camera crews and such to deal with for half of the year.


Sunday we walked around the train tracks and Alexandria and up and down Main Street a couple of times. Basically we were just lazily killing time until the watch party that started at 6:30. 

Y'all. It's not a huge restaurant and we got THE BEST seat in the house, thanks to some intel we got from a server earlier in the morning when we had to get my husfriend a hoodie because it was so unexpectedly gat damn cold out. 

Right up front at a 2-top so we didn't have to talk to other people!

We had a great time. We drank all the booze. We ate all the food - our only complaint is that our medium-rare burgers definitely came out well done, but lezbehonest, that's true for just about every restaurant I've ordered a burger from lately. We watched the show with a bunch of other nerds (this was the Morgan and Carol/Kingdom episode), then Talking Dead after. We stumbled back to the house and were probably significantly louder than we intended to be walking in. I mean, we drank a lot. It was a great time and fantastic quick escape!

Are you planning a trip to Senoia, GA because you're nerds like us? Here's what not to miss:

Nic & Norman's: Duh. Go there. Eat the burgers because you pretty much have to - Greg's pick and Norman's pick. Get the cheesesteak fries and peach cobbler. If you're there during TWD season, go to a watch party and geek out with the other nerds. You can get tickets on their Facebook page. My favorite libation there was the Ole Fashion. 

The Woodbury Shoppe: There's a cute little "museum" under the Woodbury Shoppe that has some memorabilia from the show and notes from the cast on the walls, and the store has merch you can buy. I got the kids some gummy brains and my husfriend got a t-shirt. Pretty standard stuff, but still fun.

The Waking Dead Cafe: Y'all, I love a pun! Good coffee, signed pictures of a lot of cast members on the walls. And as a special bonus, they are open before 1pm on Sundays (the whole rest of the street was closed for church, I presume).

Woodbury: Main Street IS Woodbury, y'all. It makes me want to go back and watch that season and be like, omg I was walking right there with the Governor! WHERE IS THE AQUARIUM FULL OF HEADS?!

It's such a pretty area!

Alexandria: It's on the South side of Main street. I mean it's basically just a neighborhood surrounded by a wall, but still neat because DUH.

Tours: We didn't do one because it was cold and we didn't want to, but some of the walking tours are led by cast lookalikes. We saw a guy that was a DEAD RINGER for Abraham, so that was neat.

Table Talk: It's not Walking Dead related, but it's a cute little shop on Main Street with non-lame stuff. I bought a wall hook shaped like a middle finger and it's my new favorite house accessory. I need to find the perfect spot for it (like maybe on the front door). I was fully expecting this shop to sell doilies, candles and chintzy painted wood signs, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Raleigh Studios: Not really a "can't miss attraction" because there's not much to see, but it's neat to drive up to it and then be forced to turn around because you're a commoner. It's maybe half a mile East of Main street. 

And that's that! We had a great time. If you go, tag me in your pictures on Insta and Twitter! @nerkymeg


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  1. OH you win ALL the birthdays from now on! What a great wifey you are! (And definitely want to visit Senoia, Ga now!) Very cool indeed.

  2. Totally checking to see how far away this is from where I live in SC. You win the best wife award for reals forevaaaa.


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