Last Minute Eastering - Problem Solved

Are you last minute Eastering? Yep, same. Well, I mean I did. Last weekend. When your family is like my family, you make a lot of "phone calls" to Santa, the Easter Bunny, Jack Skellington and the Holiday Armadillo to see if they can fit it into their schedule to come to our house early, late or whenever all the kids happen to be around.

Easter goin' up on a Tuesday, amiright?

So we did Easter last weekend, meaning the little kids got their triwizard tournament eggs filled with treats, and the big kids got bunny shaped chocolates and cadbury eggs in a grocery sack. #reallife and I ain't even sad about it. 

XL glitter-bombed Easter eggs from Kroger - $5
Sparkling kitty because she laid down where I was assembling everything - priceless

Y'all, Easter baskets are L.A.M.E. right? Like who needs a $5 pastel basket that just collects junk in your garage til you sell it in a garage sale for $.25 IF YOU'RE LUCKY, but really you wind up donating it with the rest of your holiday junk. Nobody. Nobody needs that. So this year, the kids "baskets" for egg hunting were these canvas bags from Amazon with a little love. Can't beat free same-day shipping, right?

I love Amazon Prime. Life changer, FOR REAL.

I used these sharpies meant for clothing that I already had on hand, but also are available via Prime because honestly, who wants to go to a store? (I think I got mine at Walmart though, if you need them today.)

I just hid in my closet aka holiday prep-zone and drew right on the canvas bags - NO bleed through, guys! At first I stuck a piece of cardboard under the top layer, but didn't even need it. I definitely recommend these markers for clothes - I have the 8-pack, and my only complaint is that most of the colors are florescent like highlighters, but I can get over that because it was so easy, cheap and clean.

Bunny Minion, Bat-Bunny and for the one that may actually re-use this bag, a non-Easter specific A.

Bat-Bunny turned out to be my favorite:

And that's the moment I realized I need to get back to doing more art in all of my spare time. 
#sideeye to responsibilities crushing my dreams

Anyway, so if YOU are like ME and sorta forgot, sorta didn't want to eff with it and sorta just got lazy, you can make this ish happen within 24 hours. You're welcome.

Bags in action.
Action bags.

Side note, speaking of Amazon and how much money I waste spend there, HOW FRICKIN ADORBS are these unicorn drink holders for the pool?!