Cardio Circuit #fave

5:30am workout today and didn't even die. Hollaaaaa. I literally laid in bed and sleep-forced down a protein bar at 4:55am this morning so I didn't have a repeat of Tuesday. I set it on my nightstand last night because I'm that much of a not-morning-person.

My trainer, who is basically Drax the Destroyer only not blue, set up a cardio circuit today. Little does he know THAT IS MY FAVORITE THING. I don't know if it's the obstacle-course nature of it, the switching exercises or the sweet burn, or all 3, but I frickin' love circuit workouts. And now that he knows that, hopefully he will work in more of them.

The bad news though, is that my BMI went up because I haven't been a good listener about my foodstuffs. Womp wommmmp. That's my bad though, I knew I wasn't making the best choices all the time. I did not, however, realize that I would get caught.


So anyway, super stoked about the workout, here's what we did:

Side to side steps on aerobic step x15
Deadlifts x15
Kettlebell Swings x15
Lunges x15 each side
Knee raises x15
Bosu squats x15
Battle rope alternating waves 15 seconds
Battle rope double arm wave x15
mini shoulder circuit - arms out to the side, arms out front, arms pull up w/ weights  x5
shoulder press up x15 
Bicep curl x15
Tricep pull down x15

Repeat x3

Quick changes too, aka very little rest, because all this was in about 30 minutes. Maybe 40.

Y'all I was schweddy AF, but felt amazing. It was like a real workout from the good ol' days, only with less weight. I ain't mad, I gotta restart somewhere! My knee was getting tired on the third set, so I cut some of the reps back. Ain't nobody got time for another injury!

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  1. Maybe you could try doing some of those statistic things for babies? Where there is a pic of baby and then "at 3 months Joe loves to smile, look at mommy, roll over, and not take naps, etc". Then there is room to put how tall they are and their weight. I'm terrible at explaining but hopefully you get the idea.

  2. At first I didn't realize you were talking about Etsy and I was HELLA confused. That's a great idea - already have one done for my spawn! Awesome!


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