What a weekend

Y'all, I found out that my spawn got them moves like Jagger this weekend at my cousin's wedding. It was the highlight of my week. Maybe my month. Maybe even my year so far.

You're welcome, world.

Friday night I brainstormed some business goals with my friend. We used to go out to clubs and get crunk on vodka waters, now we get in our yoga pants, get out our laptops and talk about business goals and self improvement books we're reading. Have we grown up? (Nah, we made at least 6.5 dick jokes.)

I'm just finishing up this book - You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Definitely recommend, especially if you're in a place in life where you feel like you could be doing better, earning more, not quite at your potential, etc. What books are you reading/have you read lately? I need a new one now that I'm finishing this one up! Thinking about picking up #GirlBoss.

P.S. The book was awesome - definitely one I'll go back and re-read. I feel like such a strong, independent and mindful woman. Watch out, goals, IMA CRUSH YOU.

I spent a lot of the weekend working - working on my graphic design business, working on my Etsy shop, giving nerkyblog a much-needed facelift, working on myself in order to achieve my business, life, family and fitness goals. 

Life/family goal: Spend fewer weekend hours working that I could be spending with them.

That third knee surgery was a mindfuck, y'all. Not gonna dance around that (partly because I'm not cleared for dancing until June 30, heyoooo). Possibly due to the MUCH longer recovery than anticipated. Who knows for sure, but I know that I'm back at it now - back to myself and back to my goals. I have a personal trainer that I meet with twice a week at 5-fucking-30-fucking-a-fucking-m. It's fucking-early, but it's fucking-worth it. Now If only I could force myself to get up at the buttcrack of dawn on the days I don't meet with him, that would be the real achievement.

Fitness goal: Run a 5k by September. And I mean run the whole time. Sub-30 would be the tits, but honestly I just want to be able to run 3.1 miles without stopping.

My perma-plus one.

Totally got my dress on Amazon for SIXTEEN DOLLARS.
(linked above)
Wore it with a petticoat to make it floofy.
Also purchased on Amazon.
Prime is life.

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