3 years

Y'all, we are coming up on mine and my husfriend's 3 year anniversary. I prefer to celebrate the anniversary of our first date as opposed to our elopement. We got married on a total whim, so to me, it's more meaningful to celebrate the day our relationship began, ya feel me?

Actually, scratch all that. I want to celebrate both because I love to celebrate everything. But our first-date-iversary is this weekend. So that's that.

And it's not that our wedding story isn't AWESOME. Because it is. There's no other way I would have wanted it. And I can say that for real, because I had an actual wedding in my past life. Eloping is THE WAY TO GO.

It's a really great story.
Read part 1, part 2 and part 3 here.

We met online like those pleasant couples from the Match.com commercials, except we met because I posted a joke profile on a free dating website for peasants. But I guess it worked out, because he was down with the free dating sites (or maybe he's just a peasant). He responded to my profile post because I'm hilarious and awesome, we met at a retro bowling alley and ate cheeseburgers, drank beer and bowled 2 games where he got the EXACT same score both times and I scored way high, then way low. The rest is history. 

My username was puckflanks because I was seeing a lot of "Buck Furpees" in my social media feeds at the time and I was all, WHAT DOES EVERYONE HAVE AGAINST BURPEES? Because that is a legit full body workout and I LOVE THEM. 

Planks, though. Planks can suck a nut. I HATE planks. So puck 'em. In honor of our anniversary and planks being the LITERAL WORST, I uploaded a new design to my Spreadshirt shop! Check it before you wreck it. 15% off right now, too! Just add the code to your cart. (P.S. I design all of the artwork in my shop, so wear the shirts knowing that you have a special lil piece of artwork right there on your chest. Right by your heart. <3)

So three long, arduous years together. JK, it's been super easy and fun for the most part. I learned from my past relationships that NOTHING trumps communication when it comes to your relationship, so I've made it my goal to always keep those lines open. For instance, when he pisses me off, I tell him what he did and why it made me feel the way it did, which has worked WAY better than my previous method of shutting down completely and silently seething as resentment builds and builds until I explode. Not a great method. Plus, I push him to communicate with me when he's pissed, which he LOVES (jk he hates it, but it's for the greater good).

We're both big fat nerds and totally cool with it. We bond over Star Wars, dad jokes and 90s hip hop. We fight about who has to get up first to make the kids breakfast. It's a perfect relationship. So cheers to 3 years with my scruffy looking nerf herder.


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  1. Love love love how happy he makes you! And man I have been reading you a long time!!


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