C25K week one

So I wanted to post about the luau bash we did last weekend but then I got busy and all of my pics are on the nice camera and I still need to transfer them, because everyone who gets a DSLR camera from Amazon is suddenly a legit photographer (me included). I bet actual photographers cringe at that. Kinda like how I get an eye twitch when people use Papyrus font. STAHP, it's not charming or vintage.

Anyway, so y'all HAVE to see the party deets because it was a wicked rager, but not til later this week. Also you HAVE to see what my current husband helped my kid do for my ex-husband for Father's day. It will melt your ovaries. Prepare your uterus, trust me.

Today marks the end of week 1 of C25K, but I think I'm going to extend it a bit and do the workout at least one more time before moving on. Not because I'm too fat for life (like the first time I did C25K), but because there is no sense in pushing my knee too hard. After 3 ACL surgeries, I'm finally at the point where I'm not willing to risk it.

Is this what being an adult is like? (I hate it.)

Day one was hard, not even gonna lie, but it still felt good to get back to it.

Day 2 I was in the zone. It was the day after I did the day one workout - usually you skip a day inbetween, but I was excited, y'all - I was stoked to get back to running even though I'm nowhere near where I was, and I'm curious to see if I will ever get back to that point.

Running pace a little quicker, walking pace a little quicker, overall distance farther. You gotta start somewhere.

The next day I did an upper body workout at the gym followed by 2 rest days, both of which I was sore in my butt, upper back and abs from all the swoleness.

I did the day 3 C25K workout last night - running pace was an average of the 2 prior days and walking pace was a little quicker. It was so. frickin'. hot. outside. I ain't mad about it, just happy to be able to do it at all. Thumbs up, buttercup.

Sweet ass sweat, bruh.
If you didn't see my IG story, then you really missed out.

My knee scar is gnarly, y'all. That's where most of my pain is (when I have pain), and that's where it was for all 3 surgeries. If you have some magic potion or remedy for post-surgical scar tissue pain, you tell me and you tell me now. I didn't have any pain while I was running, I mean except from jiggling so hard is my belly and ass, but my knee did get swollen when I stopped, possibly because I took off my compression sleeve, which I love

For every workout I either wear compression leggings or shorts and a compression sleeve on my knee with my brace and I ice it afterwards. Bonus: compression pants keep your jigglypuff tight, which I certainly need right about now. Running used to require MUCH less gear, but hey, at least I'm able to get out there!

Color is life.

My ice packs are also amazeballs, I think I've talked about them before. I have 2 elasto-gel ice packs - I got them from Amazon after my first surgery 3 years ago and they're still rockin' it out. I keep one in the freezer while I'm using the other, so I can ice twice if I need to, like a true baller. Shot caller. 20" blades on the Impala.

Pardon the laundry mess, my husfriend was gettin' after it.

I want to run again today, but I don't think that's a smart move, so I may do a leg-focused cardio circuit instead, and then run tomorrow. Feels good to be back to it!

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  1. Get it, girl! I think you're being pretty smart with your approach this time around, I hope that it works out and keeps you injury free going forward!


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