Father's Day guitar

Father's Day weekend is historically a massive cluster for us. We have so many logistics to work through, it's basically a miracle that the kids all get to see their dads, plus I gotta make time to bake MY dad his annual gallon ziploc bag of chocolate chip cookies. (#traditions)

So I asked my spawn what he wanted to get his dad, his stepdad and my dad for Father's Day. He said guitar for dad, Star Wars something for stepdad and fishing pole for my dad. Done. But you outcha mind if you think I'm gonna buy a guitar, I mean that's a scotche out of my price range, considering my dad is just getting cookies. So my husfriend said, let's make one! 

So they did. And I am amazed.

They started out with a piece of balsa wood, a greeting card that plays "We Will Rock You" and a dream.

First thing first, y'all. My husfriend is hella smart. Sometimes he's even smarter than I am. Sometimes. (JK always.) So he was all "we can take the music component out of the card and wire it to the guitar so that when you press the strings, it plays music".

Are. You. Frickin'. Kidding. 

That's amazing, especially because it's introducing this whole "think outside the box" idea to my spawn. Kinda like taking all the legos you have and making a badass dragon cargo spaceship instead of following the instructions for each set. 

My only contribution to this was drawing the guitar on the wood for them to cut out. They did the rest, including cutting it out with a jigsaw. I'm pretty sure I didn't use power tools when I was in kindergarten, so how lucky is my spawn for having this experience? 


Safety first.

So once they cut it out, they sanded it down to make it smooth and stained the neck, then they sprayed the whole thing with a glossy protective coat to make it shiny. My husfriend drilled holes for the lights (they were also attached to the card).

Side note: Can we talk about how over the top greeting cards are these days? We spent $9 on this stupid card because it plays music and has lights. It was perfect for this purpose, but that's ridiculous to send to someone just to have them take the money out of it and throw it away. I'd rather you just add $9 to whatever amount you're sending for my birthday, I mean that's at least 1.5 lattes. Probably 2 if you get talls. 

Anyway, so my husfriend drilled the holes because they were close to the edge, but my spawn was watching. 
In fact, he requested to have his own grown up tools, to which my husfriend happily obliged and now my kid will carry around his new tool bag and look for stuff to fix with his real tools. It's so cute and reminds me of my first knee surgery when I had my huge brace and he went to get his toy screwdriver to "fix" it because I told him my knee was broken. <3

The back, all said and done.
Reason #5,925,821 why my husfriend is smart: 
leaving the battery accessible to be able to change it when it dies.

So at this point - and I'm sorry for not taking in-process-shots, but this was their project, like I said, all I did was draw the guitar for them to cut out - they had to do the frets. And this is integral to being able to play the music, because they have to be metal to complete the circuit.

In the card, when you opened it, it would pull a piece of the music mechanism to touch a metal piece and that completed the circuit to play the song. You can't see any of that happening when you open it because it's all hidden behind the cardstock, but there you have it - that's how it works. The more you know. So my husfriend had to figure out a way to achieve that same end goal with the guitar. 

The solution: cut the heads off some nails to make metal frets. He made strings from spare wire we had and connected it to the music mechanism, then pulled them tight across the neck of the guitar so that they don't touch the metal frets unless you press them down.

This part blew my mind. I don't know anything about how wires work and when it's okay to touch them vs when it's dangerous, so I'm thoroughly impressed at this magic.

Once that was done, all they did was stick the lights in the holes and glue them in place, then attached the card mechanism to the back of the guitar, and ta daaaaa:

So to recap, my husfriend spent time with my son to help make something for my son's dad for Father's Day, while also teaching him some new skills. That, my friends, is A+ coparenting. 


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  1. THAT -- is awesome and your spawn is going to be an incredible human because of it.

  2. This is amazing! Plus, I'm so happy for your co-parenting skillz - not all kids have it that lucky!! :)

  3. That is a super cool idea! Love that it became a group project, and that you were teaching your son how to make something that was unique and special.


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