House Nerky

Team - it's go time. We're having a buncha 10 year old girls over tomorrow, plus their (judgy) parents. Red alert, cleanse the main living areas of profanity and dick jokes. 

GO. GO. GO. This is NOT A DRILL.

Okay, it's not that serious. Just a fuck it, fuck off and motherfucker. Ain't no thang. I mean, except for the books.

Hi, my name is Meghan, and I collect books with hilarious titles. Everybody collects things, right? You know what, I'm gonna leave these and see if anyone notices. None of them are even bad - SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR JUDGING. Cat. C is for CAT. Uh huh, I know what you were thinking.

You're welcome.

It's a book of things kids say that they think are actual facts - illustrated by Dr. Seuss. Obviously. What did you think it was?

See you next Tuesday.
What? Just have a good weekend, k?

For the record, none of our kids curse or say anything vulgar around us. Realistically? The teenagers probably do with their friends, but never around us, teachers or other adults. They all know that these are "grown up words" and not good manners. I'm a real stickler for manners, and honestly all 5 kids are super polite in public. But maybe because we don't shelter the kids from words or silly books, they don't care as much about using the words. It's not a novelty, not special, not exciting. I don't know - just some food for thought. 

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