Summer thyme

IT'S SUMMER AND I FRICKIN' LOVE IT. Pool time, sunshine and spiked seltzer water, gurrrrrrl. I live for sundresses and gold flip flops, y'all.

We spent the weekend hoping the rain would stop for long enough to swim, and thank the lawd it did. We spent basically all day outside on Sunday - kids swimming aka trying to tump over my float (let me float in peace, you hooligans), and me floating around the pool aka soaking up the sun and making sure they don't do anything stupid.

Y'all, I started reading books again, because dammit it's important, and I've got a good one now. Do you ever read something and you're like hory shit, that is EXACTLY what I needed to hear in this moment? Me too. It was from Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, because apparently approaching 31 is the time when you buy ALL THE SELF HELP BOOKS. Have you read You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero? Because you need to. It will change your life.

I like to cherry pick applicable elements of these books for my life, but honestly just in shifting my outlook for the past couple of weeks, I've gotten more freelance work out of the blue, I've had more ideas for creating freelance business, creating new projects, I've lost a few pounds and generally opened my eyes when something that is veiled as a shitty thing turns out to actually work in my favor. Finding the silver lining and focusing on that until it becomes the whole cloud, if you will. 

Sometimes you need a push, yanno? I'm a graphic designer by day and a graphic/web designer by night. You need a logo, website, graphic, template, pdf? You email me, boo. nerkymeg(at)gmail(dot)com.

I'm telling you, you need to get Jen Sincero's book. Seriously.

Car selfie because I can.
Blonde ombre hair totally on purpose, 
definitely not because I haven't been to the salon in forev.
Ombre is my favorite trend.


  1. Sweet! I'm a year early, turning 30 in a couple months and I already own that Sincero book! Haven't read it yet, but I'm leaving for two weeks for work on Sat. And the plan is to bring all my new self help books and read them! Something about turning 30 is making me come into myself, and really start making great choices for me and my family. Idk maybe I'm just older and wiser or something. Thanks for the motivation to read my books!

    1. YASSSS! Message me when you're done and tell me what you thought of it!


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