Don't worry, everybody takes shitty fireworks pictures. It's not just you. 


Our fireworks spot is the absolute-tits. We accidentally found the best spot in town last year and it didn't disappoint this year either. The picture doesn't even do it justice - they were RIGHT over us and there wasn't a single person around us. Solid fourth of July game over here.

This weekend we drove our happy asses down to Austin for three reasons: 1 - to celebrate our anniversary, 2 - to see my husfriend's old bandmates (he was in a grunge rock band in the 90s when I was plotting which Backstreet Boy to trick into marrying me), and 3 - to celebrate the 14 year old's birthday by going to see Jaws on the water, aka watch Jaws from an inner tube on Lake Travis. 

We celebrated with shark attack cupcakes:


EASY AND ADORABLE CUPCAKES, Y'ALL. The fins and life floats are fondant - store bought because it's easier and I needed such a small amount. I dyed it and made each piece Friday night and brought them down in a tupperware container - for the fins, I used a half moon cookie cutter and cut it in half. Boom, shark fins. 

I made the cupcakes and icing and brought everything down in separate tupperwares. We weren't gonna meet up with the kids til Sunday, so I didn't want to risk transporting filled cupcakes and them getting all soggy-bottomed over 48 hours. It's not weird to assemble cupcakes in a hotel room, right? I put it all together on Sunday afternoon - I cut a little out of the cupcakes and put a spoonful of strawberry pie filling (store bought) in the middle - that's the ATTACK part of shark attack cupcakes - then piped my blue icing on top, added some blue, white and silver sugar pearls for "bubbles" and finished with my fondant pieces and gummy sharks "swimming" around the dish.

I'm just glad they all made it to dinner with the kids and their mom with fins still erect - erm, upright? - it was a bumpy drive. After dinner, we all went to the lake for the movie - it was packed. I can only imagine how much pee was in that water. It didn't deter the fish from biting me RIGHT ON THE ASS though. No lie, it left a mark. I'll spare you the picture, here's one of the crowd instead.

I know what you're thinking - you gotta be CRAY for taking your phone out on the lake like that. Nope, like a mom I went on Amazon and got these waterproof phone bag necklaces - 3 for $14, can't beat that. They totally work too. Solid investment if you do a lot of water related things. 

We do stuff with the big kids and their mom pretty regularly - she has stayed the night with us before, we've gone out to dinner and we text each other random funny stuff. We're all just humans, yanno? Might as well be cool about our parenting triangle. Plus, it's really good for the kids to see all of the parents getting along. Can't say the same for the little kids' mom, but we'll get there. Haters gonna hate. Potaters gonna potate.

It was a fun experience, I kinda forgot what happened in Jaws. Once it ended I think we were all glad to get up out of the tube, but it was definitely a top night and jam-packed anniversary-reunion-birthday-July 4th-shark attack weekend.


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