Karate, adventures and bunnies, oh my!

What a weekend. Today I discovered I have bags under my eyes. Mama needs a nap, a box of wine and a facial, STAT. 

My spawn had a karate tournament which was ADORABLE. He just moved up to Tiger belt on Thursday - that's 2 up from white belt - and then he won "Best Memory" in the tournament because he nailed his form without needing help. So cute. So proud. 

Hey there, karate kid.

Then we went to a family work event with my husfriend. It was hot as balls outside, but we got to do ALL SORTS of awesome stuff like a ropes course, zip lining and fishing. We did arts and crafts and all ate WAY too much sugar, but YOLO it was a party. No haters allowed.

Seems like I'm the only one excited about it.
Hard to say, though.

Oh hey there

We got home and the kids went swimming, and here's where things got real. I'm watching them splash each other and I suddenly see a baby bunny feverishly hopping across the concrete by the pool and my first thought is awwwwwwwww and my second thought is where the shit did that come from? And then I see another one. They're hopping as fast as they can across the concrete, probably terrified of all the giants splish-splashing and screaming.

And then I see my ferocious Pomeranian PROUD AF of himself. And then I realize my ferocious Pomeranian is eating a baby bunny. So my husfriend and stepdaughter chase down the other 2 we saw, lest they meet the same demise.

Bun Solo and Chewbunca

LISTEN. Before you get offended or sad or angry or overly emotional in any way related to these baby rabbits, know two things:

1. It's in a dog's nature to hunt and kill food. I know it was an adorable baby bunny, but he doesn't know that so no, I'm not gonna punish my dog. That would be stupid.

2. We are not going to keep these bunnies. Absolutely not. These guys are wild and need to be set free when they're old enough. We're working with a shelter to care for them for a few days until they're ready to be released.

My husfriend has experience in raising wild rabbits, if you can believe it. He's basically an animal whisperer. He can thank his childhood growing up in the country, nothing to do but hang out with animals or run a meth lab. I suppose he chose wisely. 

Yes, mamabun will be looking for them, and that sucks, but at least they're not dog food.

What a ferocious beast of burden

Saturday night I sat down to get some work done and definitely fell asleep at my computer, only to be awoken early AF by one of the kids' friends that slept over. Our house is always bustling with children, I swear. 


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