Ninjago Party

Y'all, give me a group of kids and I'll throw down. I can 100% party like a kindergartener. One. Hundred. Percent. 

I threw a Ninjago themed party last Saturday for my now-6 year old, coincidentally the weekend the Lego Ninjago Movie came out, which we of course went to see after. (It was okay, I liked the other Lego movies better!) I had no idea what Ninjago even was until like a month ago. No lie. I had to watch it on Netflix to research, which my kid was totally down with. 

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The Party

My kid tells me all the time that he loves fruit more than he loves candy. I mean, I get it. Fruit is nature's candy, but also, he's 6. What even is that about.

But I'll take it. 

I stabbed grapes, berries and cheese cubes with little sword food picks I ordered from Amazon. Toothpicks are so cocktail party. This is a ninja party.

Also on point and from Amazon? Those ninja chopsticks
So adorbs.

I built the fork holder from a few of the 12,000 Legos we have from each spawn going through the Lego phase. (For the record, I'm still in the Lego phase.)

Because I can't just leave well-enough alone with a cupcake cake, I made candy sushi. It's WAY easy - make rice krispie treats, cut them out with a small circular cookie cutter and wrap the outside with a fruit roll - these from Target worked best out of the ones I tried. Stick some Mike and Ike's and cut up gummy worms in the round ones, sprinkles on a few and Swedish fish on the others. Super easy! Seriously, anybody can do this.

I set up a ninja obstacle course for our pseudo ninjas in the backyard with a few stops: first, the laser maze, aka red yarn strung around, across and through 4 tiki torches. 

Oh, and their ninja masks? That's a t-shirt. Take a shirt and put it half way over your head, stop before your mouth comes through, then take the back of the shirt and flip it up over your forehead. Find the sleeves by your ears and pull them to the back and tie a knot. Boom, insta-ninja.

Next, kicking the Lego bad guys, aka balloons I drew faces on, hanging from the tree, then smacking through the punching bag mine field.

The kids did the obstacle course as many times as they could before it became too hot for life in their masks. It was 95 degrees out in September, because Texas.

Next up, we did a ninja throwing stars game, in the shade this time. I recruited my bonus daughter to make a ton of throwing stars out of scrapbook paper, and she nailed it. If it were older kids coming to the party, I would have had them make their own. It's a scotche advanced for kindergarteners.

The board is a digital download in my Etsy Shop!

We took a break to get some air conditioning and cake, because as previously mentioned, it was 95 degrees outside. We don't get "Fall" in Texas, I legit could/should have thrown a pool party.

Everybody's so sweaty, ha.

After cake and a couple more friends arrived - Saturdays are hard, lots of sports and sibling schedules to contend with - we finished up with a piñata. I mean it's not really ninja-y, but it's not not ninja-y, so we'll just roll with it. 

Last year he didn't get to do his piñata because it was raining, so this is his redemption year.

All along the way, the kids were building their favor bags, work smarter not hard nawmsayin'? The shirt aka ninja mask, their throwing stars and the candy from the piñata all went in plain colored bags from Hobby Lobby that I stuck Ninjago eyes stickers on (printable file from my shop!), and included a "what's my ninja name" card, also from my Etsy shop. Shameless plugs, all around.

The best part? At the end of the party, my son goes, "Mommy, you throw the best parties!" and gave me the most legit bear hug. Omggggg, y'all. My grinch heart grew three sizes.
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