Fun FriYAY

Guys, I have an addiction. 

It's online shopping and I'm not ashamed.

Honestly, y'all, I'm pretty good at it. Give me an event and I will find the most perfect gift, piece of clothing, random accessory, etc. I'm kind of a savant like that. Plus, I love any challenge that doesn't require pants.

So, recently my feet have been hurting. It happens when I'm standing a lot, for instance, the time I spend standing up and making pretty desserts in the kitchen, which has a tile floor because carpeted kitchens were left in the 60s where they belong. So I thought, hey, maybe I just need some good ol' fashioned house shoes. I mean, nobody wants to wear arch-supportive sneakers all day, right? I dislike wearing shoes* almost as much as I dislike wearing pants, which is saying something. So natch, I look on Amazon first, because duh, Prime is life. 

Long story short, I found THE BEST slippers, but they weren't Prime eligible (boo hiss), so I ordered them and promptly forgot about them. Eventually I get a box from Amazon and am very excited to open it. Part of the reason online shopping is so fun is because past you is sending presents and love notes to future you. So I rip open the box with the excited fervor of a 5 year old high on blue cupcake icing and to my excitement, my slippers had arrived.

You need them.

I frickin' LOVE puns. It's one of my best qualities (or greatest downfalls, who knows). My family is probably over my shit-faced grin every time I wear these. I don't care. They will not quell my spirit, and my Freudian Slippers will continue to make me giggle every time I wear them. I linked them under the picture if you want your own pair, because of course you do. I probably should order another pair so that when these wear out I have a fresh set. I mean, they're Prime now. 

At this point I'm realizing I just wrote a long post about slippers. Not ashamed. These are my life choices and you can either enjoy the ride or take a hike. But if you decide to take a hike, I have a suggestion for some comfortable footwear for you (eyebrow waggle)

*Just because I prefer to be barefoot, does not discount the need to buy awesome heels, wedges or sneakers when I see them. Husfriend, if you are reading this, I need a bigger closet. 

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