Mr. Flooferbottoms and Ducky

Guys, I go pretty hard for Easter. Except pictures with the Easter bunny - I think it's weird and creepy and will not ever subject my kids to that. 

So yesterday my son was home sick. We watched movies and Papa came over to hang out with him - thank the lawd for grandparents, amiright? Anyway, eventually my son wants to do crafts, and this is an area I can get on board with: controlled craft sessions with one kid to minimize mess and complaining.

That's gonna be the title of my book. Catchy, right?

While my son is little and still loves doing crafts with mom, I oblige him. We make some silly little thing out of clothespins and pom-poms at least weekly. I have a craft supply closet to make any kindergarten teacher jealous or squirmy, depending on how he or she feels about glitter. For the record: I LOVE/HATE glitter. I love glittery things, hate looking like a daytime stripper for 5 days after using it.

So yesterday, he wanted to do an Easter craft. And lucky him, I'm 25 years older than him and way smarter, so I thought ahead and got some supplies for an Easter craft like last week. BOOYAH.

Yarn Bunnies and Chicks, or as my son would call them, 

Mr. Flooferbottoms and Ducky.

I like his names better, it sounds like the world's cutest villainous duo. Thwarting the good guys with snorgles and snoots. 

Anyway, so this is a super easy, level 1 non-Pinterest-mom-required Easter craft that gave my sick spawn the giggles. You will need:

- White Yarn
- Yellow Yarn
- White Felt
- Pink Felt
- Orange Craft Foam (or felt can work too)
- Googly eyes for days
The template I made for you here (you're welcome)
- Hot glue

Depending on how many you plan to make, one sheet of each color of felt would probably be enough. If anything, you might need more white felt because the bunny ears are the biggest piece. Also, the cheapest yarn is fine. It's not like this is going to be displayed at the Met. 

Here are the steps to giggles:

Step one:
Decide whether you are making a bunny or a chick so you can use the correct color of yarn. OR throw caution to the wind and make a yellow bunny. Or a rainbow chick. You do you.

Step two:
Wrap your yarn a bunch of times around something to keep its shape. Vague, right? Good thing I have pictures. I used the package of craft foam I bought. 

And I'm talking a BUNCH of times. I didn't count, who do you think I am. The more you wrap it, the fluffier it will be.

Step three:
Once you have wrapped the yarn a sufficient number of times, you need to slide it off the block or whatever you are using to hold it, then secure it at the middle. The easiest way to do that is to tie the end of the yarn to an existing piece in the loops. 

Step four:
CUT THE LOOPS. Yep, all caps. Now you have the floof, you just need the face.

Step five:
Use the template to trace the shapes of the ears, inner ears, nose, beak and feet out of your felt and foam. I only used foam for the chick because they didn't have any orange felt at the store, but it actually worked a little better to make the beak pointier and the feet sturdier. 

Glue the pieces on in standard face and ear locations. It's easiest to make a part in the yarn to stick the ears so they get stuck down in there. Put a little hot glue and stick it on. Don't burn yourself or your spawn - very important.

I don't let the kids do the hot glue part. It seems obvious, but maybe it needs to be said. Hot glue burns are real - don't let it happen to you or your family.

Step six:
VandalEYES it. (Anyone?) Hot glue your googly eyes on in standard googly eye locations. I always hot glue googly eyes even if they have the sticky back, but especially in this case because they won't stick to the yarn very well. 

Now you have your very own Mr. Flooferbottoms and/or Ducky. Tag me in your pictures on Instagram!

//end craft

Follow along my instastory this weekend - our annual tradition is to roast Peeps s'mores in the fire pit on Easter Eve. This year is the first year we're also doing a night time Easter egg hunt for the kiddos too. Like I said, we go hard for Easter. I'm @nerkymeg on insta.

Here's a throwback picture from two years ago of the wee little lads roasting their Peeps. 
I mean not to be such a mom about it, but where does the time go?!
They're so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny.

Pro tip: If you're going to do Peeps s'mores, which I suggest you do, it's easier with the flat bunny shaped ones rather than the traditional chicks. Also, the Hershey's cookies and creme chocolate makes the best chocolate accompaniment. It's always the first to get gobbled up at our house. 

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