Oh hey there

Where, oh where, have I been since September? That's the million dollar question, isn't it. I've been gramming, so you could see me there. (Find me on Insta! @nerkmeg)

I know most of y'all can relate to the overwhelming feeling of TOO MUCH and not being able to keep up and falling short and being tired, etc. It's pretty much par for the course as a working mom, am I right? Here's something I have learned the hard way: busy does not equal successful. Because I was so busy, I wasn't as hands on as a parent, I wasn't able to focus on things I wanted to do and I wasn't able to enjoy any free time. And I'm not even a millionaire because of it, so what gives?

It's been a rough few months, to be quite honest. Once I realized that I was pouring from not only an empty cup, but a broken cup, I focused on re-prioritization. What are the top three most important things to you in your life?

Mine are:

1. My family
2. My goals
3. Coffee My health

So if what you're doing not only lacks benefit for your Top Three™, but either directly or indirectly has a negative effect on any of them, then what is the point? Go ahead. You can say it. There is no point

I was spending less time with my family than I wanted. Some of my life goals are still lightyears away because I didn't have the time to develop them. And I'm fat. Okay, not fat fat like I once was, but certainly not in shape like I once was either. Failing on all three fronts, fam. I am, however, a very successful mid-level branding strategist and graphic designer. So, there's that? I mean, it's not nothing. But it's not everything.

Speaking from my background and expertise, I was off-brand. My life was off-brand. But I'm back, or getting there. I even rearranged my bedroom furniture and changed my hair in a bold and dramatic way to really solidify my breakup with my old self. I'm through it now, and better and more awesome because of it.

So all of that said, I'm back boo boo. Blogging more often with more tutorials and more laughs. Maybe I'll start doing videos, but to be quite honest, that terrifies me. I kinda hate watching myself. Too awkward. That's not weird, right? Surely I'm not the only one (don't call me Shirley).


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