Why don't we just wine about it

I think I nailed this wine glass I made last week. I mean, who doesn't want to tell the world, your boss, the kids, that guy that cut you off in traffic, the douchefart who got the last blueberry muffin at the office cafe, etc. to eff the eff off for a second so you can enjoy some sweet peace with your white wine? If you don't, you might be lying. That, or you're definitely reading the wrong blog. Without further ado, I present you my personal wine glass to use as a vessel for my One Hope wine. Cheers!

I feel like the pink glittery vinyl really drives the message home. One Hope wine is wine for a cause, which is actually pretty rad. Each bottle purchased supports a worthy cause, check it out for yourself here.

SO THEN, I had another idea. Why can't I use the same method to put actual handwriting on a wine glass? No reason, bebs. So out blooms this fun gift idea for Mother's Day, and ya know, other days. Oh my gosh, how cute would this be with a proposal message on it?! 

Guys, that's my handwriting there, then MAGICAL CRAFT WIZARDRY and boom, it's on the wine glass. Once I uploaded my handwriting, I just adjusted it so the word "mom" was more centered and moved the I <3 U closer together. This one is listed in my Etsy shop here. Not THIS ONE, but the ability to purchase a stemless wine or champagne glass with your, your kid's, your husband's, your girlfriend's, your Uber driver's, or your UPS delivery guy's handwritten message. Get one for your ma for Mother's Day coming up! Mom's love this sentimental stuff. I mean, I do. No shame, raising kids is frickin' amazing and weird and terrifying. 

Would you prefer a how-to tutorial so you can make it yourself? I getcha boo, I'm like that too.

What do you think - should I ALSO list the eff off glass in my shop too? Should I name it after the person I was thinking of when I made it? (Kidding, kidding, kidding.) 

HEY it would be cool if you would:

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