Nerky Bucket List

Life is for living, and I want to DO ALL THE THINGS! (Except sky-dive. That shit is for the birds.) 

Nerky's Ever-Growing Bucket List:

Write a book.
Do a triathlon.
Read the story here!

Eat sushi. The good kind, not the kind you buy in those packages at the grocery store.
Effing delicious.
Where have you been all my life?

Speak French in France.
Go scuba diving.
Go to South America.
Go water skiing.
Learn the "Cups" cup thing.
Do a pull up.
Meet Tina Fey.

Scout, taste and rank the best cheeseburgers in Dallas.
Fave burger place as of July 2015: Kenny's Burger Joint
Pepperjack guac burger is on point.

Do a headstand and balance without having to use support.
Cook platanos.
Go country dancing.
Conquer my fear of public speaking.
Go surfing.
Write a movie.
Hike in New Zealand.
Meet JK Rowling.
Go to a gay bar.
Go kayaking.
Read about the adventure HERE.

Go zip-lining.

Visit Washington D.C.
But first, let me take a selfie.

Go to the Perot Museum.
I always think the fossils are the most iconic part of science museums.
The space bit was cool too, obvi.
But I mean, dinosaurs. They were a thing. On the planet. Giant lizard beasts stomping around eating each other and trees. That's COOL.

Finish a half marathon in under 2 hours.
Cosplay at a con.
See the Marfa lights.
Save someone's life.
Visit all seven continents.
Go on a float trip.
Own a house on the beach.
Stay in one of those bungalows over the water in Tahiti.
Be a guest on Ellen.
Learn to play the piano.
Kiss the blarney stone.
Try a pole dancing class.
Try stand up paddle boarding.


  1. Have you been to Angry Dog in Deep Ellum? Pretty amazing burgers. And Perot Museum is really neat..your son will love the children's area! It's just still so busy though..we got a membership for Christmas and so it's a lot less chaotic during member hours.

  2. When I read this the first time I thought t said "scout, taste, and rank the best CHEERLEADERS in Dallas." Lmao!

  3. Dude you totally have to cospay at a con. It is amazing! My husband and I and a large group of our friends went as like all the main characters from Game of Thrones and it was the bomb. One of our weight loss goals is to lose enough/ bulk up for him, to cosplay Wolverine and Mystique. (totally showing my nerd card…) and go to San Diego con. I would die. But anyhoo you totally have to do it. It was such an awesome experience!


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